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Ultra Wastes and Accessories

The vast range of Ultra bath wastes and accessories includes several different types of wastes for all bathroom and bath types. Certain bath wastes are only suitable for baths of a certain thickness, so it is extremely important to check the specifications of these wastes to ensure they are compatible. Some bath wastes include an integrated bath filler in the overflow part - a great innovation which allows you to house tap valves separately to control the flow.

Ultra Luxury Bath Plug, Ball Chain, Chrome
Ultra Basin Pop-Up Waste, Slotted, Chrome
£15.82 RRP: £24.60
SAVE 36%
Ultra Modern Extended Bath Pop-Up Waste, Overflow, Chrome
£23.95 RRP: £37.65
SAVE 36%
Ultra Freeflow Bath Filler Waste and Overflow, Round, Chrome
£42.95 RRP: £70.00
SAVE 39%
Ultra Freeflow Bath Filler Waste and Overflow, Square, Chrome
£44.95 RRP: £70.00
SAVE 36%
Ultra Minimalist Freeflow Bath Filler and Waste, Single Lever, Chrome
£59.95 RRP: £102.00
SAVE 41%
Ultra Minimalist Deck Mounted Tap Legs, Pair, Chrome
£20.95 RRP: £41.95
SAVE 50%
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