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Installing a shower tray

Shower tray installation is a complex procedure if you are not a professional or experienced fitter, and is open to many mistakes.

If you do not fit the shower tray properly then it could leak, this installation guide should make it easier and prevent accidents.

Installing a Shower Tray: Introduction to the guide

This guide was designed to assist with installing a basic shower tray; therefore, it may not cover all types of shower tray as there are many, many different types. If there is any part of this guide that is unclear a professional bathroom fitter should be consulted.

Installing the Shower Tray

Stone resin is the material that is generally used for standard shower trays because of its strength. This is a brilliant choice because it does not need anything to stand on so it will make installation easier and less expensive. If you do need to lift the shower tray off the floor to get to the waste and pipe works easier then it should be put on a base made from 4"x2" timber.

Installing a Shower Tray- the waste traps

It is easy to get special waste traps that mean the shower tray does not need to be very high off the floor. You may have to remove a small section of the floor to install the trap, also remember to keep access to it fairly easy as you may need it in the future.

Installing a Shower Tray- the basic steps

The shower tray should be installed before the walls are tiled, to create a water tight joint. When the shower tray is placed down you should make sure that it is completely level, you needn't worry about a gradient as it is already designed so the water will run towards the drainage system. Place the shower tray on something flat to help it stay level. Connect all the pipework and cover any of it with some skirting board.

Installing a Shower Tray-How to avoid leaks

Ensure that there is absolutely no movement and the shower tray is completely secure because if it isn't then the shower will leak. Having a resin shower tray rather than a plastic shower tray will also help with this.

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