Hudson Reed Furniture: Our Favourites Explained

A roomset shot of the Hudson Reed Solar range in Indigo Blue

Hudson Reed Furniture: Our Favourites Explained

Hudson Reed's summer 2021 updates to their furniture offering leave no stone unturned when it comes to style and uniqueness. We break down just a few of the thousands of possible combinations - whether modular or fitted - that can help you create your dream bathroom, no matter how big or small your space might be!

Packed full of innovative features such as touch-open doors, all Hudson Reed bathroom vanity units and cabinets are supplied rigid, saving you time on setup and installation. What's more, the vast majority of the units in their range are made in Britain; a rare occurrence in this modern world of global supply chains. The main benefits of this British-made furniture are peace of mind when it comes to quality of manufacture, and availability of spares and replacements in the future.

The Showstoppers

It feels like we're doing these beautiful collections a disservice by having to choose a favourite, but we've managed to narrow 10 ranges down to 3, which we feel deserve to be talked about in greater detail; Sarenna, Solar and Fusion.?

Sarenna's unique feature is the curved offset basin unit; a p-shape with a curved front that works in tandem with a shower bath or most rounded ceramics. It's available in 3 distinctive and understated colours - Moon White, Dove Grey, and Mineral Blue. Grey is a very fashionable finish in 2021, so it's no wonder that its the best-selling version. The satin finish is perfect for creating a contrasting environment against shiny chrome brassware, mirrors or frames.

The Solar range is available in similar colour palettes to the previous range - namely Pure White, Cool Grey and Indigo Blue - in a similar matt finish that does not overpower the aesthetics of the room. Unlike the Sarenna vanity units, the Solar range is characterised by a soft square profile and gentle curved contours. The units themselves are available in 2 of the most popular widths for UK bathrooms - 600mm and 800mm - and Hudson Reed give you a choice of either a polymarble or ceramic basin. If you don't know the difference between these basins, read on to find out more!

The Fusion range of furniture from Hudson Reed offers a completely different take compared to our previous 2 choices; it comes in a wealth of designs, colours and layouts. There are thousands of potential combinations available, ensuring that your tastes can be catered to. The collection is available in 7 different finishes, including some striking woodgrain finishes such as Hacienda Black and Driftwood. See the white or grey alternatives for a more modern, glossy look. The Fusion range excels in its depth of choice, with vanity units available in a huge variety of different door/drawer configurations, and sizes from 400mm wide all the way up to 1500mm wide combination units. Even more incredible is the number of basins, worktops and handles that you can combine with your unit carcass to create a totally unique, one-of-a-kind solution. While the majority of units in this range are suitable for a standalone, modular install, it's easy to combine these pieces together and choose a worktop to transform these pieces into fitted furniture. There's even a short-projection range for the smallest spaces!

Ceramic vs Polymarble Basins

One of the most common questions we get asked is "what is a polymarble basin?" - with some customers incorrectly assuming that the polymarble choice is somehow a lower-quality variation.

Traditional glazed ceramic starts off as clay before being fired and shaped at over 1000 degrees Celsius. The result is a hardwearing surface that will withstand the toughest tests, and comes in a glossy, attractive white finish. Most "classic" ceramic basins and toilets are created from this material, which we often refer to as vitreous china. It's heavy-duty, easy to clean, and more traditional in general.

A resin basin - often referred to as a polymarble basin by Hudson Reed - also holds a number of advantages depending on your budget and style. While ceramic basins are prone to imperfections or variations in size due to the kiln firing process, a resin basin can be sculpted to an exact shape or design. It's easier to create clean lines and angles, which is especially useful for modern square-cut basins. The material is still extremely durable, but much more cost-effective than chinaware; a saving which is passed on to the customer in the form of lower prices. The lightweight nature of resin ensures that installation of the basin is easier; especially useful on wall hung basins that are fitted to a stud wall, for example. There is also less risk involved when it comes to damages, chips and marks during delivery! A lesser-known fact is that resin basins are warmer to the touch, which can be a great selling point in those winter months.

Putting it all together

Creating a set of fitted furniture, modular furniture or combination units using Hudson Reed's assortment of vanity units might seem like a daunting task, but it's a dream for any wannabe interior designer or just a homeowner with a specific vision.

If you're following the trends, you'll probably want to go with a grey finish, which is available in our 3 favourite collections mentioned above. We haven't even touched on the handle designs - there are over 50 at the time of writing - but they add an extra dimension to your arsenal of bathroom furniture creation tools.

If you prefer something ready-made, all the collections mentioned include modular versions of the furniture with popular basins and/or worktops already included. This is the perfect solution for those who want to get some inspiration from Hudson Reed themselves.

However you end up creating your vanity unit, make sure to pair it with the matching wall cabinets and WC units, all of which are available in the same finishes as the units for a complete suite! Make sure to visit our vanity units page to view the most popular designs, including our favourite collections mentioned in this article!

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