Technical Guides

While the technical stuff is often best left to the experts, sometimes there are simple things that you can easily do yourself with the right guide. Here we share our expert knowledge to help you ensure that your bathroom is always running as smoothly as it can.

How to Ventilate Your Bathroom How to Ventilate Your Bathroom Whether you're renovating a bathroom or adding

It's unlikely that any part of your property is exposed to more germs than your bathroom drains.

There are a number of reasons you might want to remove a radiator from your property and we have it covered in this guide to help you remove one.

Our kitchen sinks endure a lot throughout their years of service. They serve as a place to do

If you live in a modern home or have a new bathroom, there's probably at least one extractor fan

We all flush the toilet many times a day but it's not something we give too much thought to - for

It's easy to get worried if your toilet keeps running after being flushed; a toilet may not be

If your taps are dripping constantly, even when they haven't recently been used, you may need to

If you have low water pressure despite owning a relatively new system, there are a number of