Bathroom Fun

Using a bathroom is a necessity of human life and, while the specific activities we do in there are still the same, the bathroom has changed a lot over thousands of years. Here we delve into the history of the bathroom, or just highlight some fun facts that may just help you win your next pub quiz.

Sometimes the inventions which have had most impact on our everyday lives are the ones which we take the most for granted. Where would we be without the wheel, writing or even the internet? Another invention which we take for granted is the access to toilets and sewerage system, and it’s not until you visit other countries which don’t come up to Western European standards that you realise just how fortunate we are.

Don't want to have to pay for bath bombs? Here is how you can try and make your own bath bombs to add to your bath.

We are very lucky in the country to have clean running water to enable us to keep clean but what would happen if you didn't or couldn't wash for an extended period of time? We take a look.

It goes without saying that bathroom mirrors are a much more recent innovation than mirrors for general use as these can be traced back many centuries.

The bathroom is by far one of the more private parts of your home; however, despite this, it is also the part that gets used the most and by the most people.

Whether we're zipping through the air to go on holiday or blasting off into space to live onboard the International Space Station

Hygiene has come a long way since the time of the Victorians, when scientists finally put two and two together and managed

The bathroom is the most regularly used room in a home, and this regular use brings its fair share of problems with it,

There has long been a debate among laundry experts regarding how frequently people should change or clean their bathroom towels.