The Pros of a Double Sink Bathroom

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The Pros of a Double Sink Bathroom

If you're adding a new bathroom to your property or looking to replace your existing ceramics, you'll need to decide whether you want a single or double sink. If you have a small bathroom, this decision has likely been taken out of your hands but if there's enough space, it's worth considering dual sinks. As with most of the major bathroom design choices, there are advantages and disadvantages to a double sink bathroom.

Why Add a Double Sink?

The most obvious reason to install a double sink is if you have a shared bathroom. On the other hand, people who live alone or have their own en-suite probably won't have much use for two wash basins. If you do share a sink with your partner, children or anyone else, a double sink can be a great help, particularly during the morning rush to get ready. Having two sinks can essentially halve the time it takes to get ready (and is a great help if one of your housemates is notorious for hogging the sink).

Having two sinks can be very useful for organising your bathroom by providing two distinct spaces for your personal items. Your grooming items and makeup can be kept beside your sink without imposing on your partner's space, making a double sink more convenient for everyone. Hopefully, you'll never accidentally brush your teeth with your husband's shaving foam ever again.

Whether you keep your belongings well organised or have a more haphazard attitude to maintaining tidy surfaces, your sink can be exactly the way you like (hopefully without annoying your partner too much). There's also a sense of unity in two people being able to effectively utilise the bathroom at the same time, rather than having to perform your routine separately. While each having your own sink might seem selfish, in reality it presents a great opportunity for you to share your bathroom comfortably.

A double sink vanity unit is usually a good deal larger than a single sink (though there are also a number of large single sink vanities available). This has the additional benefit of more counter-top space (negated somewhat by the extra basin) and lot of extra storage space within the unit.

Aside from the practicalities of a double sink, there's the simple fact that double sinks are more visually impressive. Double sinks make a bold statement that can further enhance the sense of scale in a large bathroom, reducing the amount of wasted space and creating a striking centrepiece. In addition to the lavish appearance, a double sink will likely add at least some value to your property; even if you don't personally require one. If you ever intend to sell your home a double sink can immediately make it more appealing to families and enhance the wow factor of your bathroom. Potential buyers are always likely to take notice of a double sink, even if it isn't hugely important in the grand scheme of things.

Possible Negatives

Unfortunately, the positives of a double sink can also its negatives for some homeowners. It's unavoidable that they are more expensive than their single counterparts, with this price difference increasing as you choose higher end finishes and larger, more lavish units. Doubling your number of wash basins is also doubling how much work is necessary to install, maintain and clean them.

Realistically, a double sink unit should be installed in about an 1800mm wide space, even if the unit itself is narrower. This should allow sufficient room to maneuver without constantly clashing with your partner or just generally feeling cramped. As tempting as it can be to force a double sink into a small bathroom, you really should consider sticking with a single sink if you don't have enough space. The last thing you want is to install a double sink for the sake of convenience, only to find it more difficult to move around in your bathroom.

It isn't merely a case of what will fit into the dimensions of your bathroom but also the appearance and sense of space you feel while visiting the room. In a large enough bathroom, this is probably no concern and you can still create a sense of space or minimalism, even with the addition of a large double sink unit.

Choosing Your Sink

If you do choose to purchase a double sink, you'll find that there's just as much variety as with single wash basins. You'll be able to choose from wall hung and vanity unit models, traditional and contemporary, as well as being able to pick your perfect finish and add your personal choice of taps. offer a wide range of double sink options for your bathroom at low prices, as well as all the taps and other accessories you could want.

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