Top Tips for Organising your Bathroom Cabinet

Top Tips for Organising your Bathroom Cabinet

Top tips for organising your bathroom cabinet 

Bathroom cabinets can play a critical role within a bathroom. They are there to hide away much of the clutter that can build up in your bathroom and ensure that the surfaces that you do have are kept as mess-free as possible, as well as keeping medicines secure and out of the way of little hands.  

That said, bathroom cabinets themselves can become somewhat of a headache if they are not kept clean and organised. This means that you need to find ways to ensure that you can properly organise your bathroom cabinet.  

This may seem a little daunting at first but once you have a plan on how to organise to suit your family bathroom, we promise it will be worth it.  

We have put together our top tips for organising your bathroom cabinet, designed to help you to get to work and have it sorted in no time at all.  

Assess the mess

The first thing that you should do is open up the doors/drawers and take a look at all the things that you have in your cabinet or storage unit. What do you use regularly? The things that have sat in there gathering dust are probably not things that you need, which means that they can be thrown away, or emptied and recycled. 

Not only this but if you haven’t tidied for a while, then you may even find that some of the products that haven't seen the light of day are expired and need to be disposed of anyway.  

Think about how often you use them 

Once you have taken stock you should be left with the items that you do use. Although of course, some will be used more than others. It is a good idea to group the items based on how often you need them.  

Those that are an everyday grab, are going to need to be closer to the front and in easy reach, those that are not can be pushed further back. This should help you to properly organise the order of your cabinet and keep it neat.  

Storage solutions 

Another way to keep your bathroom cabinet neat is to use other storage items within it. This will allow you to group some of your items and make sure that you have some order in your space. 

Taller things are going to need pots and glasses to stand them in, whilst others may be better placed in clear tubs and boxes. These especially work well if you have some open storage spaces within your cabinet as it will stop them from looking cluttered. You can even consider labelling them so that everything has it's own specific home. 

Add hooks 

Sometimes you have items in your bathroom that need to be hung up. These can be tricky to store as you may not know where is best to place them. A top tip for this is to add hooks to the insides of the doors in your cabinets.  

These hooks can then be used to hang up those items and best of all, they are tucked out of the way. 

Tips for Long-Term Bathroom Cabinet Organisation

A while ago we wrote an article on storing medicines in the bathroom cabinet and the importance of regularly refreshing the contents so that any expired products could be disposed of safely. By carefully organising your cabinet using the suggestions below, this can easily be achieved to ensure your family are safe.      

  • Avoid overcrowding your bathroom cabinet
  • Label storage containers to easily find the things you need 
  • Every so often check dates and remove expired products 
  • Declutter when you get time to keep everything organised

As you can see, there are plenty of ways that you can make sure that your bathroom looks as organised and tidy as possible. All that is left for you to do is to enjoy the new space that you have created.         

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