Integrated Bath Filler Wastes

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Integrated Bath Filler Wastes

Integrated bath filler wastes are an increasingly popular choice in modern bathrooms, fulfilling multiple purposes without imposing on the rest of your room. These specially designed overflow fillers allow you to fill and drain your bath with a single addition to your bathtub, resulting in a clean, minimalist appearance without a need for taps. Bath filler wastes will fit the vast majority of modern bathtubs, assuming the unit has an overflow hole, and are a great choice for sleek, freestanding baths.

What are Integrated Bath Fillers?

Traditionally, there are three popular tap locations: at the top of the basin, adjacent to the bathtub (whether on a nearby wall or rising from the floor) or, on some larger baths, drilled into the side of the tub. Each of these locations has its positives and negatives but with an increase in the number of baths with thinner sides, as well as a rise in popularity of freestanding units, they won't all be suitable for every bathroom. Integrated bath fillers help you avoid the hassle of finding somewhere to place your taps, by placing the filler in the bath's overflow hole. Bath filler wastes create a stylish finish, free of clutter, and are available in both circular and square designs to help you craft your perfect bathroom. The method of opening and closing the waste will vary between designs: bath filler wastes will be able to control this directly, while standard overflow fillers will usually have a spring-loaded pop-up waste.

Things to Consider

Bath filler wastes are more complex than traditional taps and plugs; they need to control water flow, temperature and then drain water when you're done bathing. The most popular designs are circular and can be twisted to control the mix of hot and cold, much like any other mixer tap. There are other designs which are controlled by a valve that is placed on an adjacent surface and connected to the filler; in many cases these are included with your purchase but they are often sold separately, letting you further customise your bathroom accessories. Alternatively, there are a number of digital bath fillers which fit into your overflow and are operated wirelessly via a control panel situated nearby. These digital fillers offer the same minimalist style of other overflow fillers but with a more precise degree of control for users. A digital bath filler means you'll never have to worry about fiddling with taps to find your ideal water temperature, letting you enjoy a perfect bath every time.

A number of major bathroom brands now produce filler wastes, including Ultra, RAK, Bristan and more, offering you a greater amount of choice than ever before. If you want to add a modern, functional touch to your bathroom, an integrated bath filler waste will make your time spent in the bathroom more effortless and stylish.

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