Old London - Brand in Focus

An image showing an Old London vanity unit situated in a traditional bathroom

Old London - Brand in Focus

Since its launch in 2014, the awe-inspiring Old London collection from Hudson Reed has gone on to become one of the best-selling and most-wished-for groups of products that we offer. Here we take a closer look at the current offerings of the brand, their unique selling points, and what sets them apart from other manufacturers in this space.

Brand Identity

Old London's vision, in their own words, is to "incorporate luxurious period designs with the latest technology". it's fair to say that they've achieved this goal; their stunning collections of furniture, ceramics, baths, and showers look as grand as the Victorian and Edwardian designs that they're based on. When you throw more modern technologies into the mix - such as dual flush cisterns, soft-closing doors, and thermostatic showering - you get a product that doesn't force you to compromise.

The UK is steeped in heritage, so you'll never see these pieces go out of fashion. if anything, they're more popular than ever due to the country's love of period dramas and stately homes. You can create your own piece of history when designing a bathroom based around Old London's portfolio of products.

Personalised Period Pieces

The statement products in the Old London collection are undoubtedly their range of bathroom furniture - specifically their beautiful floor-standing vanity units. Available in angled or square-corner variations, the attention to detail on these pieces is easy to see. Characterised by shaker-style doors and drawers, their furniture range is available in a small range of timeless colours to appeal to different palettes and tastes. Our personal favourite is their Storm Grey finish; it's come into fashion in recent years and can be paired perfectly with light or dark tones throughout the rest of the bathroom.

However, the most impressive feat of this furniture is the amount of customisation that Old London allow. You can completely change the look of your vanity unit - while retaining its period charms - by changing the handles and even opting for an incredible marble-top basin, itself available in different colour flecks. This allows anyone to create a bespoke-looking unit that will be a centrepiece in a bathroom for years to come.

Attention to Detail

Aside from their furniture, Old London's ranges of toilets and basins have been created to attract the same wow-factor throughout the bathroom. You'll find early Edwardian angles in the Richmond collection, or the more rounded and fluted Chancery collection to choose from. Both sets of offer an obvious contrast, without confusing their offering, and pair perfectly their fantastic range of baths, taps and showers.

When it comes to taps and showers, our personal favourite must be the Topaz range. Available in chrome or the elegant brushed brass, the customisation options shine through once more, with a variety of subtle design differences including the type of collar, handle and even the colour of indices supplied with the product. Like the ceramics and vanity units before them, it's clear to see how easy it is to create a bespoke bathroom without having to start from a complete blank canvas.

A Name You Can Trust

The Old London collection was created by Hudson Reed, a brand owned and operated by one of the UK's leading manufacturers of bathroom products, with over 40 years of experience in supply. In short: they're a stalwart of the industry and have accumulated years of expertise in all aspects of product design and after-care. They'll be there to honour your guarantee in the rare event of a problem, or if a spare part is required.

Why Choose Old London?

When looking at the market for traditional bathroom-ware, we are impressed that Old London products tend to fall into the mid-range when it comes to retail pricing. The success of the brand has spawned many copycat products and brands that are often sold at a lower price point. However, there is no substitute for the after-care and peace of mind that can be achieved by buying from a market leader. We are proud stockists of Old London bathrooms and we can't wait to see their catalogue expand in 2022 and beyond!

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