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Lakes Classic Shower Doors

There is a variety of great options for screening off your shower tray from the rest of the bathroom, and the type you choose will depend very much on the space you have available. Sliding and bifold doors are ideal for bathrooms where space is a consideration, as they fold in on themselves and require less floor space. Pivoting doors are better for larger rooms, or for families who want simplicity of design. Both styles of door are available in the Lakes Classic range of shower doors which we stock.

Take a look through the separate section for each type of door and you'll find plenty to choose from; we're worked hard to bring you the best selection around at the best value for money prices. All products have been checked for quality of manufacture, and come with a full guarantee for additional peace of mind. Measure the space you have available for your shower door and then you're ready to choose which one of the many doors is the best one for you and your home.

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