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Bathrooms are often referred to as the smallest room in the home, but it's one which often takes more planning and design than the rest of the rooms in the house. Get it wrong, and you've got a bathroom which is awkward to use and which does not meet the needs of your family. We're here to help you get it right though, and our unrivalled range of bathroom fixtures, fittings and accessories will make creating your ideal bathroom easy. We work hard to bring you the top name brands at the best value for money prices, so whether you're looking for a basic suite to kit out a downstairs toilet, a top end shower kit or the designer bathroom of your dreams, you can rest assured that you're getting the best value possible.

Just browse through the different categories of products on offer, and you'll see that we have every bathroom product you could think of. Starting with the basics of toilet or sink, and ranging to those important finishing touches like shower screens or lighting, we really do offer a one-stop shop for anyone replacing or renovating a bathroom.

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Bathrooms Buying Guide

Whilst your bathroom may be the smallest room in the house, it is one that is used the most. It is also the one that takes plenty of planning and design to get it just how you want it.

Getting your bathroom wrong means that you have a space that isn't ideal for the needs of your family, and is an awkward style and size. However, getting it right gives you the ideal space for everything you need, whilst still being stylish too.

We're here to help you to get it right. This all thanks to our unrivalled range of bathroom fixtures, fittings and accessories. All of which are designed to make creating your perfect bathroom easy.

We have some of the biggest brands in the industry and always at the very best value for money. No matter whether you are looking for the basics for your downstairs toilet, or some of the biggest designer names, with us you can be sure that you are getting the best quality and value possible.

You can peruse through the different products we have on offer by browsing through the categories. We have all the basics such as toilets and sinks, up to shower screens and bathroom lighting.

To help you, even more, we have put together a quick and handy bathroom buying guide. All to help you to make sure that you have everything you need.

Build your own bathroom with the basics

When it comes to building your bathroom, there are some basics that you need to think about buying. The best place to start is with a toilet, after all, this is something that you are 100% going to need to have.

Next, it is down to you to add in either a shower, bath or both. You can choose to have a separate shower enclosure, then add in a bath if you have space, or if you want the best of both and don't have the room. You can opt for a bath with an electric shower over the top of it.

Don't forget the basin, another important part of your bathroom. If you are worried about space, you could go for a vanity unit that combines storage space with a useful basin.

Choosing between a modern or classic look

Styling your bathroom is mainly a choice between a classic or modern look. You will need to know the overall look that you want to achieve. Modern bathrooms are packed full of chrome touches and plenty of glass, whereas classic bathrooms will often feature more rounded and traditional styled features.

Modern bathrooms are not just about style, they are often designed to meet the needs of modern family life, and will offer up space saving and economical options for those wanting a new bathroom.

Classic bathrooms will create a space that will remind people of how simple, yet elegant a bathroom can be. Even if it doesn't feature all the modern touches. You could always opt for the best of both worlds and have a classic style with a few modern touches, just to make life that little bit easier.

Adding the finishing touches with accessories

The finishing touches are what can transform your bathroom into a fully functioning, and stylish space in your home. We have a variety of great accessories that you can choose from in our online store.

Some of these are simple such as toothbrush holders, robe hooks and towel rings. Those things that feature in many bathrooms, and that you simply do not think about.

Whereas others will be functional and impactful accessories such as extractor fans, bathroom lighting and even gadgets that stop your bathroom from fogging up after a particularly hot bath or shower.

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