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Shower Enclosures

While it may be the shower itself that delivers the hot stream of water that wakes you up in the morning or relaxes you before bed, the surroundings of the shower enclosure are equally important. You want to shower in a place that looks good and, even when you're not showering, you want a design you can always admire when you or someone else walks into the bathroom.

With that and mind, Heat and Plumb offers an extensive range of designs, shapes and sizes to suit all tastes and unique bathroom layouts. From quadrant shower enclosures that take up minimal space in the corner of your bathroom, to wet room glass shower screens that are the essence of luxury and superbly practical. Crystal clear shower glass and practical attractive shower trays provide finishing touches to stylish designs.

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Which Shower Enclosure is Right for you?

Even the best shower is incomplete without its proper surroundings, so it's essential that you find your perfect shower enclosure. Enclosures are available in many shapes and sizes, meaning you can choose one that is suitable for both your bathroom and your personal taste. With stylish design, shower cubicles can become impressive, beautiful features of your bathroom in their own right, blending with the rest of your chosen aesthetic for greater impact. Square and rectangular enclosures are familiar shapes that present the greatest amount of possible space, making for a comfortable and relaxing shower. Quadrant enclosures fit into a corner of your bathroom, covering minimal floor space while still offering plenty of room to stand inside. For a corner unit that offers more space, pentagonal enclosures are a popular choice that extends away from your wall to add a greater standing area. Practicality and luxury combine to create a collection of shower enclosures that will be a welcome addition to any bathroom.

The Versatility of Shower Doors

Shower doors are one of the most visually varied and functionally diverse ways of enclosing your shower area, with hundreds of sizes and styles available to ensure you're able to find the perfect piece for your bathroom. Shower doors are ideal for converting a wall recess into a enclosure area or adding a fresh touch to an existing shower area. The various styles of doors open differently; bi-fold and sliding doors don't intrude into the rest of your bathroom, making them great choices for homes with limited space. Certain models, particularly quadrant enclosures, can be installed into any right angled corner of your bathroom. Manufactured by only the most reputable brands, you can be confident that these doors will keep your shower area safe and sealed.

Shower Screens - Perfect for Wetrooms

There's nothing better than a shower screen for helping you create a seamless showering experience, allowing you to walk in without using a door while protecting the rest of your bathroom from spraying water. Shower screens are ideal for installation with a low level shower tray or directly onto a wet room floor for a minimalist look. Wet rooms make your shower more accessible and are a great choice for users with limited mobility, letting you take a wheelchair directly into the shower area. Many screens can be installed on a tray or floor but some are designed specifically for either purpose, so it's important to have an idea of your room layout before buying. Numerous sizes and shapes are available, helping you find the perfect screen for the height of your shower unit and bathroom ceiling. With large glass panels, safety is a chief concern and all of our shower screens are made of thick, high quality safety glass that will ensure your shower area is safe for everyone.

Shower Cabins - The Complete Solution

Shower cabins are the complete showering solution, a collection of completely self-enclosed shower areas that mean you won't have to worry about waterproofing your surrounding surfaces. Many shower cabin packages include shower valves and heads, letting you acquire everything you need in a single purchase. Cabins are also ideal for body jets, which are embedded in the cabin walls and negate the need for more extensive plumbing work on your property. For a greater degree of luxury, Insignia's steam rooms feature massage jets and release steam that is great for your skin and has a wide range of other health benefits. As an extra touch, some cabins feature a built-in radio that can connect to your phone and provide all the music you enjoy during your relaxing and invigorating wash.

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