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Mira Realm Mixer Showers

After a long and hard day, the comforting allure of a hot shower is just the place to soothe aching muscles and the Mira Realm Mixer Showers collection offer that experience perfectly. Creating that coveted waterfall experience for a fully immersive shower, these classically designed shower units are available here from and come with an exceptional guarantee for additional peace of mind.

Designed to control the temperature carefully and ensuring the ideal shower temperature for each member of the family, these functional units make for a versatile and attractive addition to any bathroom while blending effortlessly with other bathroom accessories. Discover more here today.

Mira Realm Dual Exposed Mixer Shower with Shower Kit + Fixed Head
£510.58 RRP: £676.80
SAVE 25%
Mira Realm Dual Exposed Mixer Shower with Fixed Head
£419.53 RRP: £554.40
SAVE 24%

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