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Prestige Elegance Chestnut Bathroom Furniture

The new flagship range of bathroom furniture from Prestige is as affordable as it is beautiful. The chestnut finish is perfect for a modern homeowner aiming to contrast their sanitaryware and furniture. The chestnut range of Elegance bathroom furniture offers something for every bathroom, whether it's simply a vanity unit or a combination of pieces - mirrors, WC units and tallboys are available to mix-and-match as you so desire. As you would expect from a market-leading brand such as Prestige, the whole Elegance range includes soft-closing drawers and hinges for that added luxury - without the cost!

Prestige Elegance Back to Wall WC Toilet Unit 775mm High x 505mm Wide Chestnut
£100.95 RRP: £144.00
SAVE 30%
Prestige Elegance Mirrored Bathroom Cabinet 600mm W Chestnut
£104.95 RRP: £166.00
SAVE 37%
Prestige Elegance Wall Mounted Tall Boy Unit 1400mm High x 355mm Wide Chestnut
£114.95 RRP: £185.00
SAVE 38%
Prestige Elegance Mirrored Bathroom Cabinet 900mm W Chestnut
£120.95 RRP: £196.00
SAVE 38%
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