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Vitra Bathroom Taps

VitrA have designed an awesome range of Bathroom Taps combining high quality brassware with a gleaming high polished chrome finish.

The stylishly sloped contours of the VitrA Slope range of Mixer Taps and Bath Filler create a much smoother water flow thus reducing any unwanted splash. A Cache slim aerator allows the water to be infiltrated with air bubbles creating a wonderful feeling of bubbly champagne against your skin.

The more angled lines of the aesthetically pleasing VitrA Q-line Bathroom Tap range will compliment any modern bathroom whilst the more funky and quirky style of the VitrA Dynamic S will help to make a statement in any bathroom space, boasting as it does, a Swivel Honeycomb aerator which allows the angle of the water to be redirected.

The Minimax S range brings to life the timeless beauty of a style reminiscent of a water pump from another Era, stylishly angled and unique.

The VitrA X-line Tap is yet another stylish addition to any bathroom. With a more controllable water flow due to its mesh disc and an increased life span due to its ceramic disc technology, this stunning adornment is also available in a taller version which stands at a height of 337mm.

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