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Vitra Toilets

Turkish company Vitra has been making sanitary ware since the 1950s, and since then the company has developed a product range which is second to none. With a focus firmly on quality of design and superb reliability, our range of Vitra toilets includes traditional floor standing toilets for a more traditional bathroom, through to ultra-modern wall mounted toilets which are perfect for the contemporary home. Quality is assured with all Vitra items, which are made from top quality vitreous china and which come with 10 years' guarantee to give any buyer complete peace of mind. Simple to install, easy to maintain and keep clean, the Vitra toilet range is the ideal starting point whether you are just replacing an existing toilet for something a bit more modern or installing a whole new bathroom.

In addition to the extensive range of Vitra toilets, we also stock a wide range of sinks and other compatible items to allow you to design your perfect bathroom combination. If modern, sleek style is your thing, check out the contemporary S20 or S50 range, or if you prefer something a little more traditional, the Serenada range may be more up your street. We're sure you'll find the perfect product for you, and all at outstanding value for money.

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