Bathroom Fun

Using a bathroom is a necessity of human life and, while the specific activities we do in there are still the same, the bathroom has changed a lot over thousands of years. Here we delve into the history of the bathroom, or just highlight some fun facts that may just help you win your next pub quiz.

I've matured a lot now and my skipping days are over but that little room in the house will forever

Apart from a couple of brown church spires and two-thirds of a towerblock, I can spy the top of the

We're a very clean nation here in the UK. On average, each UK adult has a bath or shower 5.7 times

When you initially hear that there's a World Toilet Day, your reaction will probably be something

The humble toilet. Something that most of us use on average six times a day, but which we don't

One of the first things most of us do when we're planning renovations in the bathroom is get on the

For the world's super-rich, indulgence and extravagance doesn't just mean shelling out millions on