Bathroom Mirrors - A Look Through History

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Bathroom Mirrors - A Look Through History

It goes without saying that bathroom mirrors are a much more recent innovation than mirrors for general use as these can be traced back many centuries. To understand how we got from the rudimentary mirrors witnessed many centuries ago to the modern bathroom mirrors of today, it is important to look at the principle of how mirrors are actually made. Mirrors as we would recognise them today are created by coating glass with aluminium but this wasn't the case in the early stages of mirror production many centuries ago.

Bathroom Mirrors - The Middle Ages

Bathroom mirrors are taken for granted by homeowners today and they literally come in all shapes and sizes. According to research, as long as 9000 years ago in Çatalhöyük, Turkey, Obsidian, which was highly regarded for its smooth finish was used for various things including mirrors. However, around the Middle Ages, mirrors were simply convex bits of metal that had been highly polished. Whilst these options produced a reflection of sorts, it wouldn't have yielded results anything like the bathroom mirrors of today. It wasn't until 1835 that the chemical process for a metal coating was first applied to glass to produce a reflective surface. This leap was discovered by Justus Von Liebig and his innovation can be seen as the catalyst for the creation of modern bathroom mirrors and those all around the home.

Bathroom Mirrors - Modern Usage

Mirrors today are immensely popular items and prevalent throughout the home but in bygone eras, mirrors, particularly bathroom mirrors, would have been a very luxurious purchase and most likely only a viable purchase for the financial elite. The actual process of creating mirrors would have been very expensive in the past but various technological innovations over time have made the whole process considerably more economical. As such, bathroom mirrors are found in almost every home in the UK and the world over. Fast forward to the 21st century and we now have illuminated mirrors with Bluetooth connectivity and an array of neat tricks to make life easier.

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