How Safe are the Contents in my Bathroom Cabinet?

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How Safe are the Contents in my Bathroom Cabinet?

The main use for a bathroom cabinet is to store away a variety of medicines for when we need them. Whilst we know that medicines shouldn't ever be in the reach of children, we might not know exactly how best to keep them safe.

So, to help you to ensure that your bathroom cabinet is not only well-stocked, but that it is safe too; here are the things that you should know.

Are medicines safe in the bathroom?

As we have already mentioned, one of the most common places that people decide to keep their medicines has to be their bathroom cabinet. This makes sense as it is easy to keep them out of reach of smaller hands, whilst still being readily available to the older people in the house.

The only downfall of having medicines in your bathroom is that they can degrade over time. This is all due to the steam and the high temperatures which are normally found in this room. If these medicines start to break down, then chances are that they won't work as well when you do need them.

There are also things that you might not think of as medicines, but that should be stored in a higher cabinet. This includes vitamins, mouthwashes and some skin creams too. All of which could cause problems to children should they be able to reach them.

How to store your medicines properly

Once you pick the perfect spot for all your medicines, then you are going to need to work out how best to store them. It is a good idea to ensure that any medicines are kept in their empty packaging; there are a number of reasons for this.

The first is because it means that you can easily spot them when you need them, it also means that you can keep track of when to take things (if they are prescribed and have a prescription sticker on the front). Another reason to store medicines in their packaging is because it stops them from becoming damaged or degrading whilst they are stored. Failure to do this can mean that they are not going to be appropriate to take.

What basics should I have in my bathroom cabinet?

If you do decide that you want your bathroom cabinet to be your main storage spot for medicines and the things associated to them, then you should know more about the basics that should be in there too.

One of the most important things is a first aid kit. This will prove to be incredibly useful if there was an accident and you needed supplies. You may also want to keep a thermometer in there too, largely for the same reason.

We also recommend that you store creams such as antiseptic creams in your bathroom cabinet as well as pain relief medicines too (although you may want to focus on over the counter options here, as prescribed ones can be dangerous for other people to take.

It is also a good idea to store tweezers and scissors in your cabinet tool; so you will always know where they are.

Make sure that you clear out as much as possible

One of the most important things that you should do when you come to keeping your bathroom cabinet is give it all a clear out. This will not only help you to organise the cabinet as a whole, but it also helps you to check things over too.

You can make sure that everything that is the cabinet is within the right date range, as well as being in the packaging that it should be in. You can decide how often you want to do this particular task, however, we recommend definitely planning it in for every 3 months at least.

There is no denying that your bathroom cabinet can be incredibly useful as a storage spot. However, you do need to be careful on what you store in there and how it is stored too. If you keep this in mind, then you can have a cabinet that is not only looking its best, but also freeing up space in the rest of your bathroom too.

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