What Toilet Style Fits with a Small Cloakroom Space?

What toilet style fits with a small cloakroom space?

What toilet style fits with a small cloakroom space?

For many of us, only having one bathroom is something that no one wants to face. The arguments in the morning about who can get in there first and the delays in getting out of the door aren't really ideal when you are trying to face the day ahead.       

This is why many of us decide to add an extra bathroom space to our homes. Thanks to a lack of space, these cloakrooms are not always the most spacious part of our homes. This means that in order to have all the functions that it will need, there also needs to be some carefully thought out design.       

If you are someone who is worried about how you can make the space work for you, let's have a look at some of things to consider before purchasing and helping with the best toilet styles to fit in with any small cloakroom space.  

Wall Hung toilets 

One of the best choices for a small cloakroom is a wall hung toilet. These toilets are compact, and the floating design gives the illusion of space, whereas you wouldn't usually get that. If you have a wall hung toilet, you are also giving your bathroom a natural modern touch that brings the entire space together with ease. 

Small toilets 

As the name suggests, these are smaller toilets than the standard toilets that you can buy. This doesn't mean that they are child-sized. It means that they have as minimalistic dimensions as possible without losing any of the usual toilet functionality or style you may want.       

You can also get toilets known as short projection toilets; these will protrude out less than other toilets, which will give you more space in the rest of the room.  

Back to wall toilets 

Back to wall toilets are a great option to consider for small spaces. These toilets are designed in a way that allows you to hide the cistern behind a wall or within a WC unit, leaving only the toilet bowl visible. This not only creates a sleek and minimalist look but also offers practical benefits for optimizing space.

By concealing the cistern, you can create a shelf or storage area within your cloakroom. The space previously occupied by the cistern can be utilized for placing bathroom essentials, such as toiletries, towels, or decorative items. This built-in shelf or storage area helps to maximize the functionality of the cloakroom while keeping the floor space clear and uncluttered.

When considering a btw toilet, it's important to ensure that you have suitable access to the concealed cistern for maintenance or repairs, should the need arise. This can be achieved by incorporating an access panel or removable section in the wall or furniture where the cistern is concealed.

Corner toilets 

If you are stuck for space and want to use every inch of the cloakroom layout, then a corner toilet could be the solution you are looking for. Just like a corner bath, shower or sink unit will maximise the space you have, then so will a corner toilet.      

Corner toilets still need to give you enough space to use them, so always bear this in mind if you plan to add one to your small bathroom space.  

Don't be put off by the limited size of your bathroom; there are various toilet styles available that can meet your needs. When designing your small cloakroom, carefully consider the available space and make informed choices regarding the main features. By selecting the right toilet style, you can achieve an efficient, functional, and visually appealing bathroom space.

Tip for maximising space elsewhere in a small cloakroom

  • Space-saving fixtures: In addition to the toilet style, consider other space-saving fixtures and accessories for your small cloakroom. Opt for compact sinks, slimline storage cabinets, and wall-mounted towel racks to maximize the available space and create a clutter-free environment.     
  • Light colours and mirrors: Use light-coloured tiles and paint on the walls to create an illusion of a larger space. Mirrors can also be strategically placed to reflect light and give the impression of openness.     
  • Install a sliding door: If space is at a premium, consider installing a sliding door instead of traditional swinging doors. These types of doors do not require extra clearance for opening and closing, allowing for better utilisation of the available space.     
  • Wall-mounted storage: Utilise vertical wall space by installing wall-mounted shelving or small bathroom cabinets for storing bathroom essentials safely. This helps keep the floor area clear and maximizes storage options.     
  • Lighting: Good lighting can make a small space feel more open and inviting. Incorporate adequate lighting fixtures, including overhead lights and even a LED bathroom mirror, to ensure sufficient illumination in the cloakroom.     
  • Optimise your layout: Carefully plan the layout of your small cloakroom to ensure efficient use of space. Consider where you would be placing the fixtures and the flow of movement within the room. Avoid overcrowding and ensure there is enough room to manoeuvre comfortably.     
  • Ask an expert: If you're unsure about the best design choices for your small cloakroom, consulting with a professional interior designer or bathroom specialist can provide valuable insights and help you make informed decisions.

With careful consideration and smart design choices, you can transform your small cloakroom into a functional and inviting space. Embrace the challenge of limited space and let your creativity shine through in creating a room that suits your needs and reflects your personal style.

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