Shower Accessory Differences

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Shower Accessory Differences

Shower heads are one of the most important features of any bathroom and your choice of design and function will make a significant difference to the look and feel of your shower area. There are currently three main types of shower head on the market, each of which can offer something different to homeowners depending on your individual needs.

Fixed Shower Heads

Fixed shower heads are a popular choice in modern bathrooms and are some of the sleekest and most stylish shower installations. They are usually fitted directly onto the ceiling or the same wall as the shower valve, making them the most minimalistic and concealed type of heads. Their impressive designs come with a cost as they are the least versatile, non adjustable in height and usually only able to have their direction altered slightly. This is usually fine in adult only households but can be problematic for children as the shower head is too high for them to use easily. They can also be unsuitable for cleaning hard to reach places. There are a wide range of fixed shower heads available, both traditional and contemporary, so there is always a design to suit your bathroom.

Riser Shower Heads

Riser shower heads are connected to the shower valve via a horse. The shower heads slots into an adjustable wall bracket, allowing you to change the position of the shower depending on the height of the user. They can also be held in your hand during use, making them highly versatile and suitable for people of all sizes. This also makes riser showers especially easy to clean, as the detached head can be used to rinse the shower area. Some people may prefer the more minimalistic look of fixed heads but risers offer far more flexibility and are undoubtedly a better choice for larger families with a wider list of needs.

Combination Shower Heads

Combination shower heads feature a fusion of both fixed and riser heads to offer a complete showering solution. In most cases, there will be a fixed shower head on the wall or ceiling and a riser attached directly to the valve via a hose. Combination showers allow for the effortless experience of using a fixed shower but with the added option of using the riser for a more complete clean. As they have become more widespread in recent years, there is now a much larger selection of styles to choose from, allowing you to find a combination shower that will be perfectly at home in any bathroom.

Body Jets

Body jets can serve as an alternative to a combination shower or just additional water sprays, adding yet another source of spray for a more complete clean. Adding a couple of body jets to your shower enclosure makes showering even more effortless and there are plenty of rounded or square designs to be as subtle or attention-grabbing as you like.

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