Showering for Body and Mind

Showering for Body and Mind

Showering for Body and Mind

We take the humble shower for granted. But those of us who have extravagant wet rooms or designer shower trays and shower doors, with beautiful tiles and designer decor know that showering is more than just a practical activity. Showering can improve circulation, lift your mood, clear your head and ease your aching or tired muscles. It's no wonder then that more homes are investing in their shower rooms, turning utility rooms into wet rooms or installing the latest power shower technology for the ultimate shower experience.

Showers are practical ways to help us wake up and get ready for work, spruce up before a night out, refresh ourselves after a day in the garden or relax after a gym work-out. But there are added bonuses to showering too.

Showers: Get the Blood Pumping

In Turkish Baths, the methods used to create that feeling of optimum health and cleanliness is by alternating hot with cold - dry heat rooms, interspersed with a freezing cold plunge pool, leaving you invigorated but relaxed. The same sensation can be achieved in your shower enclosure. Alternating hot temperatures with freezing cold ones is a way to help your body improve circulation. If you suffer from cold feet and hands, showering in this method can help boost your blood flow. And it will certainly wake you up! Cold water also gives your hair extra shine.

Wash that man right out of your hair!

It's a famous song lyric, but washing and showering can have an impact on your mood and spirit as well as keeping you squeaky clean. Stepping on the shower tray may not seem like obvious therapy, but adding a few aromatherapy oils into the shower cubicle can help lift your mood. Sprinkle orange essential oil onto the shower tray and the aroma will mix with the steam infusing your senses, lifting your spirits.

Power Showers: Massage Effect

If you've installed a state-of-the-art power shower, you'll know showering is better for your muscles after a work-out than the bath. Using the shower nozzle to massage aching muscles is instant relief.

Be Cool: Jump in the Shower

Cold showering has been associated with men trying to control their sex appetites, but in fact, cold showers boost testosterone production! As well as helping you in the bedroom, cold showering can help you in the boardroom ensuring you stay on top of your game. Cold showers are thought to stimulate your immune system, helping protect you from office germs.

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