Use Bathroom Walls and Doors as Storage

Use Bathroom Walls and Doors as Storage

Use Bathroom Walls and Doors as Storage

Storage is something that we all need in our bathrooms. Without it, the items you keep in this part of your home can become disorganised, which means that the entire room can look cluttered and messy.

Whilst there are some higher-cost options to consider when it comes to bathroom storage, the good news for those on a budget is that there are also lower-cost options that you can consider.

Are you struggling to create storage in your small bathroom without spending too much money? Here are some cost-effective ideas that we will cover today in this article to help you keep your bathroom organized:

  • Use over-the-door shelves to save space and add storage for various items.
  • Install hooks in suitable areas, both high and low, for hanging items.
  • Consider a shower cubby to hold a variety of items safely and securely in your shower enclosure.
  • Use the back of your bathroom cabinet doors for additional storage by adding small shelves or hanging hooks.
  • Think outside the box and develop different ways to keep your bathroom looking neat and tidy.

Remember to make the most of the space you have available and get creative. By implementing these ideas, you can create more storage in your bathroom without breaking the bank.

Have an over the door shelf

Sometimes you need to think outside of the box to develop the right solution for your needs. This is true for storage. One great idea that we have seen is an overdoor shelf. These can be installed in any door but mainly work well in a shower space if you have a door.

These shelves don't take up too much space and can be a good storage spot for various things.

Add some hooks

Another quick and easy way to add storage space to your bathroom is to install hooks in just the suitable areas. These should be both high and low, mainly anywhere you think you need to hang something up.

The great thing about hooks is that they attach easily and are ready to use in a short space of time. This is even true for those adhesive hooks that you peel the back off of and simply put on your chosen wall.

Install a cubby

Shower spaces can become cluttered quickly, and this can be frustrating. This is where something like a shower cubby can help. These are often corner shaped and can be easily slotted into your shower enclosure. They are designed to hold a variety of items safely and securely to have a neat, tidy, and organised bathroom without losing any additional floor space in the rest of the room.

Use cabinet doors

As well as using the main doors in your bathroom, if you are looking for additional storage, you should also think about your bathroom cabinet doors. You can add small shelves and even baskets to the back of the cabinet doors, which can then be used to store various items.

Not only this, but if you are struggling with a shortage of space, you can even just hang hooks on the backs of the doors and here is where you can hang some of the "hangable" items that you find in your bathroom.

The main thing to remember when it comes to creating storage in your bathroom is how you can best use your space. Sometimes you may miss the best places to store items, so think outside of the box and develop some different ways to keep your bathroom looking neat and tidy.

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