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Corner Toilets

Our range of corner toilets come complete with a cistern that can fit into a corner of a bathroom, maximising the space available. Often considered a space-saving solutions, corner toilets are most suitable for cloakrooms where wall space can be an issue, and the projection of a standard toilet would be problematic. The Ideal Standard Space corner toilet is probably the best-known model on the market, although the Fresssh Apex toilet is our most popular solution.

RAK Origin 62 Corner Full Access Close Coupled Toilet - PP Soft Close Seat
£129.95 RRP: £219.00
SAVE 41%
Premier Carmela Corner Close Coupled Toilet Push Button Cistern - Excluding Seat
£133.95 RRP: £215.00
SAVE 38%
RAK Origin 62 Corner Full Access Close Coupled Toilet - Urea Soft Close Seat
£138.95 RRP: £235.00
SAVE 41%
Prestige Uranus Close Coupled Toilet with Dual Flush Corner Cistern - Soft Close Seat
£99.95 RRP: £151.00
SAVE 34%
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