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Carron Halcyon Freestanding Baths

The "Halcyon" range of freestanding baths from Carron is opulent and stylish, as well as highly practical. This collection presents a vast range of luxurious options for anyone searching for their perfect bathtub. With bold, modern designs that are available in a number of different coloured finishes, such as white, black and red, there's a bath in Carron's collection for every home. The "Oval" and "Square" models offer distinctly different shapes, both with gently curved edges that make either a beautiful addition to any bathroom. The Halcyon "D" combines the style of a freestanding unit with the space economy of an inset bathtub, sitting flush against a wall while still forming a centrepiece for your bathroom. To add even greater durability to your new bathtub, Carron's signature "Carronite" acrylic coating is three layers thick and significantly strengthens your unit. The added layers also result in greater heat retention, keeping water warm for as much as thirty minutes longer than the standard coating. Carron include a 20 year guarantee with all of their bathtubs; this is extended to 30 years with "Carronite" versions, a sign of the manufacturer's confidence in their products.

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