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  • Danfoss Randall FMT230D Flush-Mounted Room Thermostat 2 LED
  • Danfoss Randall FMT230D Flush-Mounted Room Thermostat 2 LED
  • Danfoss Randall FMT230D Flush-Mounted Room Thermostat 2 LED
  • Danfoss Randall FMT230D Flush-Mounted Room Thermostat 2 LED

Danfoss Randall FMT230D Flush-Mounted Room Thermostat 2 LED

Reference: P087N774400
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Unique in the Danfoss range of thermostats, the low-profile, flush mounted design of the FMT230D blends in seamlessly with existing electrical fittings such as light switches and electrical outlets. Fitted into a standard single gang UK electrical accessory box, the thermostat has an installed profile of just 16mm.

This newly designed flush thermostat combines the ease of use benefits of an easy to set dial, with a simple to read LCD display to provide accurate temperature control in all situations. The LCD display, that normally shows current room temperature, momentarily changes to show the required set temperature whenever the dial is turned. An LED light to indicate power supply, and another LED light to indicate when the output is active makes checking whether the heating is on straight forward. A simple indication of either a flame, or a snowflake* on the LCD provides visual confirmation of which operating mode as been selected.

The FMT230D allows selection of traditional on/off control, or advanced chono-proportional control. By using the chrono-proportional control method, compared to standard electronic on/off control, energy and carbon emission savings of over 10% are achievable.

Options for setting up the thermostat are selected at time of installation by easy to set switches on the rear of the unit allowing selection of heating/cooling modes, on/off or chono-proportional control and 3/6/9/12 cycles for chono-proportional control.

* If cooling mode has been selected
  • Modern stylish design
  • Intelligent heating control for increased fuel economy
  • Micro-processor accuracy
  • Setting dial with LCD temperature display
  • Low profile mounted style
  • LED power and output indicator
DescriptionFlush mounted room thermostat with setting dial and LCD display.
Temperature Range5 - 30 ° C
Electronic AcceleratorYes
LED Status IndicatorYes
OperationHeat or cool operation
Power Supply230 Vac, +/- 10%, 50/60Hz
Switch Type1 x SPDT
Contact Rating10-250 Vac, 50/60Hz, 3(1)A
Max. Ambient Temp.45 ° C
Dimensions85 wide x 85 high x 35 deep mm



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