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Electric Combi Storage Boilers

While combi boilers are an incredibly efficient way of heating your water system, gas and oil models aren't a solution for those who have access to neither or want to cut costs by not utilising these supplies. One of the biggest plus points of Electric combi storage boilers is there energy efficiency. As they are powered via your electricity supply, they don't require burning of gas or oil to produce heat, so there's no heat loss through flues or chimneys.

Other benefits include their compact size, as there's no need to leave space for a flue. This gives you more flexibility in where to position it, especially as they don't need to be near an outer wall. The lack of a flue also means that installation costs will be lower, so you'll be saving money on both installation and the entire running life of the boiler itself - as you don't have to pay gas or oil costs.


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