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Oil boilers are a great alternative to central heating as the fuel they use is more efficient than gas. However, our gas boilers- which are available in combination, system and open vent/heat only- are over 90% efficient thus helping you save money whilst heating your home.

Our Vaillant range of LPG boilers are easy to install and are also energy efficient as well as being light and compact.

If access to gas is not an option and using oil is not financially viable then an electric boiler may be the best choice for you, especially if you have a smaller property to heat.

Our Trianco range of solid fuel boilers are easy to clean and very stylish in their white casings and can burn continuously for 14 hours but if you want something even more aesthetically pleasing then look no further than the new TRH in matt black with a toughened glass front which will fit any standard fireplace.

If you have a back boiler, a new and more efficient unit has been released that will compliment a variety of fire fronts. Just click on our back boiler section for more information regarding this.

Our water heaters are available in both gas and electric and our range covers use in work-places, homes and caravans.

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