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Hudson Reed Indus Shower Valves

The Hudson Reed range of Indus shower valves are a perfect choice for any contemporary shower installation as their ultra slim profile blends seamlessly into the modern bathroom. Characterised by a slim profile and razor-thin back plate that gives the appearance of being completely inset and with beautifully rounded, easy to use handles, bathing becomes effortless and enjoyable. The Hudson Reed Indus shower valves have TMV2 and TMV3 approval so you can feel secure in the knowledge that they will maintain any pre-set temperatures when another appliance is used in the household, preventing any domestic scalding, ensuring that your whole family are safe when they shower. They also pass all government health and safety regulations and are backed with a 20 year guarantee, giving you ultimate peace of mind with this amazing design in the Indus range. The Hudson Reed Indus shower valves are also made in Britain ? safely and ethically manufactured.

Hudson Reed Indus Concealed Shower Valve Dual Handle - Chrome
£104.95 RRP: £253.00
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Hudson Reed Indus Concealed Shower Valve with Diverter Dual Handle - Chrome
£117.95 RRP: £278.00
SAVE 58%
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