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Instant Hot Water Taps

The perfect substitute for a kettle, boiling hot water taps have started to move away from commercial applications and into the domestic environment. You can have boiling hot water on demand in your kitchen which helps to efficiently wash up. These appliances can be plugged into a mains electrical socket and produce filtered water, with an unobtrusive tank that would be located under a counter or worktop.

InSinkErator GN1100C Hot Complete Tap, Chrome

InSinkErator GN1100C Hot Complete Tap, Chrome

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£524.28 RRP: £727.69
SAVE 28%
InSinkErator GN1100BS Hot Complete Tap, Brushed Steel
£595.31 RRP: £828.58
SAVE 28%
InSinkErator HC3300C Hot & Cold Complete Tap, Chrome
£621.66 RRP: £869.43
SAVE 28%
InSinkErator HC1100BS Hot & Cold Complete Tap, Brushed Steel
£678.10 RRP: £946.19
SAVE 28%
InSinkErator HC3300SN Hot & Cold Complete Tap, Brushed Steel
£705.30 RRP: £984.82
SAVE 28%

10 Uses for an Instant Hot Water Tap

InSinkErator is the go-to brand when it comes to food waste disposers but that's not all they do. As a leader in innovation, InSinkErator also manufacturers a handy tap that produces instant 98°c water as well as clean and cool drinking water in one handy system. To highlight these wonders, InSinkErator has created this graphic to showcase the many uses a boiling hot water tap has and how it could benefit you in your home. From tea making to cleaning, this type of tap is becoming a must have appliance inside modern homes.

Hot tap Uses

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