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Myson Lo-Line RC Fan Convectors

The Myson LO-LINE RC fan convector is quick to heat giving convenient and instant warmth just when you need it, as well as a refreshing cooling option with the heater/cooler model for the summer months. Myson LO-LINE RC units connect to the central heating system (water chilling equipment is also required for the heater/cooler model) and are fitted at a similar height to a standard radiator. The accompanying remote control offers maximum control and flexibility.

Myson Lo-Line RC 6-4 Fan Convector, 1.7kW, White
£361.86 RRP: £476.41
SAVE 24%
Myson Lo-Line RC 9-6 Fan Convector, 2.7kW, White
£399.91 RRP: £526.81
SAVE 24%
Myson Lo-Line RC 14-10 Fan Convector, 4.1kW, White
£452.34 RRP: £595.20
SAVE 24%
Myson Lo-Line RC 19-15 Fan Convector, 5.5kW, White
£559.28 RRP: £735.61
SAVE 24%

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