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Vitra Basins

One of the main advantages of the Vitra range of basins is that there is just so much to choose from, and the manufacturer has managed to design a range of sinks which covers all bases from very modern to more traditional and suitable for a period property. Whether you are looking for a traditional pedestal sink, a modern basin to put on stop of a vanity unit or a half pedestal sink to maximise the floor space available, there is the perfect product for you in the Vitra range. All made from top quality china and made by a manufacturer with 60 years' experience in the sanitary ware market, this is a great brand for any busy family home.

Whatever the size and shape of basin required, there is bound to be something in the Vitra range to suit your needs. The other main advantage of Vitra basins is the superb value for money offered by all of the products in the range, and the basins are no exception. If you are looking for other items compatible with the Vitra basin range then check out the other Vitra items which we stock which will help you create your own bespoke bathroom.

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