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Vitra Bathroom Furniture

Bathroom furniture such as vanity units can transform an average bathroom into a great bathroom, and the Vitra range of bathroom furniture comprises some beautifully designed and functional bathroom furniture which will enhance any modern bathroom. Designed to be compatible with the toilets and sinks which Vitra also make, these bathroom units make a great starting point when you are putting together a new look for your bathroom. Vitra is a well-established company which has been producing top quality sanitary ware from their base in Turkey for over half a century, and they have a reputation for making top quality items.

Offering wood finishes as well as the standard white vanity unit finish, there are several ranges to choose from which will complement both period and modern properties. Many of the vanity units and other items of furniture are designed to be wall mounted, and this helps to maximise the floor space and makes a smaller room look bigger. Vitra has something for everyone, whatever your style and preferences, and all at superb value for money prices.

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