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Vitra Bathroom Suites

You cannot build your beautiful new bathroom without a perusal of the stunning VitrA bathroom suites that we have available for you right here.

From the modern square lines of the very affordable S20 and S50 ranges, we come to the slightly sculptured and very classic Serenada, with her powerful design statement that is gently reminiscent of a bygone period.

Or maybe the more simple elegance of the Milton Suite is more to your taste with its rounded, pleasing aesthetics and compact dimensions which make this set a perfect adornment for a bathroom that has limited space.

Whatever style you have in mind, the VitrA Form, VitrA Zentrum and VitrA Layton are also worth your attention as they exude beauty and quality in equal measures.

Buying two pieces together in a suite definitely makes sense when it comes to saving money, which of course can now go towards choosing some beautiful new taps from our range to really add your own magical touch.

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