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Vitra Baths

Here at Heat and Plumb we really love our bathrooms, and so it's not surprising that we love showing off our range of amazing baths especially from such top manufacturers as VitrA.

Whether it's a single-ended, double ended, corner, right hand, left hand, no hand, P shaped or L shaped bath you need, The VitrA Optima range will cater for your every whim.

If it's a solo soak that you seek or room for a companion that is needed, you will find the design most suited to you amongst the awesome P shaped shower baths with their much wider ends giving you the freedom of a more roomy shower or bath.

Not only will a VitrA Neon bath bring posh luxury into your bathroom it can also be a great space saver. With a clever right or left handed tapered design it will free up a little extra space in your bathroom. The quite wonderful VitrA Balance bath is designed with an angled back profile at such a degree that it couples comfort with less water consumption so therefore perfect for anyone wishing to be more eco-friendly.

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