Bath Screens - Cleaning the Kim and Aggie Way

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Cleaning bath screens can be a chore, when it comes to cleaning your bath screen and your entire bathroom, check out cleaning gurus Kim and Aggie's top tips

When it comes to cleaning bath screens or any part of your bathroom, there are two things you need to begin with: the basic cleaning products and materials, and a cleaning routine. Bath screens are easily forgotten in the cleaning routine, but thanks to self-cleaning glass, it doesn't take long to make sure your bath screen is looking spic and span. You may not notice your bath screen, but if you choose one of the bath screens that are designed to be a feature in your bathroom, then it's important you keep it looking clean. Splodges and limescale build-up and the general soap scum build-up baths and showers experience can turn bath screens into an eyesore rather than an attractive feature.

Although cleaning bathrooms is often the worst chore - the one that most of us hate most - cleaning your bath screen doesn't have to be difficult. In fact, if you follow the advice of cleaning gurus Kim and Aggie from TV's How Clean is Your House, cleaning your bath screens can be a doddle.

Cleaning Bath Screens - Get the Materials

First off, make sure you have the right cleaning materials at hand. But according to Kim and Aggie, buying the vast array of cleaning products on the supermarket shelf is neither healthy, ecological or economical. There are products aimed directly at bathroom and bath screens, promising instant results. But often Kim and Aggie note, such products are left at the back of bathroom cabinets gathering dust! Some of the products Kim and Aggie rely on time and time again to clean bath screens, bathrooms and homes in general include:

  • The basic materials: mops, dusters, clothes
  • Concentrated dishwashing liquid - hot soapy water can work for hundreds of cleaning jobs
  • Scouring powder for tough cleaning jobs (not bath screens which will scratch, but great for the toilet bowl)
  • Cream cleanser is good for other bathroom surfaces, including bath screens, that need a more gentle approach but are still a powerful attack on grease.
  • Baking soda is their secret weapon against bathroom slime and smelly drains, used regularly you can keep your drains clear and avoid expensive drain-cleaning specialists.
  • Distilled vinegar is also another natural product that will remove limescale, great for bath screens!
  • Use simple dishwasher liquid to clean baths and bath screens, if you don't regularly clean the plastic tub, you could end up with permanent dirt stains.
  • Or you could use powdered laundry detergent for an easy clean solution - simply pop a few cups in a bath full of water and leave overnight for a sparkling finish once rinsed and buffed dry.
  • Another top Kim and Aggie tip is to use soap dispensers rather than soap bars - this reduces the soap scum left behind in baths and sinks.
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