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Our phone lines are down at the moment due to power failure, please contact us via chat or email. Apologies for the inconvenience caused.

Bath Screens

Bath screens, sometimes also called shower screens, are essential pieces of kit when you're installing a new shower over your bath. More modern than a shower curtain, our range comprises screens which fold, slide and swing open, allowing you the flexibility to choose the perfect screen depending on your preferences and bathroom configuration.

Most screens can be installed either to the left or right, and all are made from top quality materials which are made to last. Shower screens are very easy to install, whether you're fitting them along with a new shower, or as a replacement for an existing screen or curtain. Choose the right style and size of screen for your home - no need to put up with wet floors or sticky shower curtains for one moment longer. We've also worked hard to bring you this range at prices which we're sure you'll agree represent outstanding value for money.

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Bath Screens Explained

Hinged Bath Screens - When Space isn't a Problem

A simple concept with a great deal of visual variety, hinged screens usually comprise one or two sheets of glass, with a pivot at one end that allows the user to easily open and close it. Hinged screens can be moved out of the way while you're enjoying a bath, avoiding the feeling of being enclosed. The design of hinged screens allows for several different shapes of glass panel, including square, round top and sail shaped. There are also curved variations available, suitable for installation on P shaped baths. The main disadvantage of hinged screens is that they require space to move into when opened; this isn't a problem in spacious bathrooms but can make these models impractical in rooms with limited space.

Folding Screens - A Practical Space Saver

Folding bath screens make the most of your space without compromising visual style. Fitted along one side of your bathtub, folding screens are formed from multiple hinged panels which fold back against the wall to allow access to your bath. By folding instead of swinging outwards on a hinge, these screens require a minimal amount of extra space, making them an excellent choice for smaller rooms. Modern folding screens are manufactured in such a way that they are as reliably watertight as their single panel alternatives. They can be attached to the majority of bathtubs, as long as the external side of the unit is straight and long enough.

Sliding Screens - Curved or Straight

Requiring the least amount of space of any bath screen type, sliding screens usually consist of two panels along the long side of the bathtub, with one fixed panel and another rollers, which slides behind the fixed panel when not in use. This method of opening means that a sliding bath screen requires no more floor space than your bathtub itself. Curved versions are also available, ideal for installing a sliding screen on a P shaped bath. It's important to ensure that you're choosing a high quality screen as the mechanical features can be a weak point in lesser units but most modern screens will make a beautiful, durable addition to your bathroom.

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