What are Ceramic Disc Valves on Taps?

What are Ceramic Disc Valves on Taps?

What are Ceramic Disc Valves on Taps

Have you ever had to deal with a tap dripping in your home? It is pretty annoying, isn't it? No one should have to cope with a tap dripping long-term. This is where the idea of ceramic disc valves on taps has come from.

But, what are these ceramic valves, and why have they become popular for taps in modern homes?

Let's go back in time

The best place to start is by looking back to how taps used to look and be made. In the past, taps and shower fittings had rubber washers in them. These would prevent the tap from dripping, and whilst they are an effective method, there is still a risk that they will wear out over time, which then leads the tap to start dripping.

Wanting to stop this issue from happening, it was decided to add ceramic disc valves to taps. Ceramic disc valves are made with two discs; if they are fitted to a mixer tap, there will be two holes; for pillar taps or two-handle taps, there will be one hole.

When the tap is turned on, the discs will align, which means that the water can flow, and when they have turned the other way again, the discs are no longer aligned, and the water flow will stop.

Why is this a good thing?

You may wonder why ceramic disc valves in taps are such a good idea. The main reason for this is because it means that you have to turn your tap less to turn on or turn off the water flow. Sometimes all you need is a simple quarter turn, and that is enough.

Another reason that ceramic disc valves are a good idea is that they are solid and durable. They get minimal wear and tear over time, and this means that, unlike rubber washers, you don't have to worry about your tap starting to leak and drip, annoying you and your family.

You might not think that a ceramic valve is that important to your bathroom or kitchen. But we can promise you that it is. More often than not a simple tweak can alter the functionality of your tap to get it working again properly. Failing that an upgrade to a newer tap won't cost the earth: our extensive collection of Bathroom Taps and Kitchen Taps has something for everyone.

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