How To Prevent Bathroom Condensation

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How To Stop/Prevent Bathroom Condensation

Writing today's blog finds me huddled in a bright orange granny-like cardigan, which I assure you looked far more attractive on the model in the catalogue. The reason and mentioning of my attire is really rather appropriate and not at all fictional. My hubby has opened all the windows in the house and it's not even Spring yet. Of course opened windows are one of the very best ways to release water vapour and prevent bathroom condensation, which can lead to a 'Grow your own mould allotment plot' in your very own bathroom and nobody wants one of those, but at certain times of the year it's way too cold for that. Hence the cardigan!

I got to pondering what else can we do?

Wipe Down Walls With a Towel

I promise you this will be the only energetic idea here. Extremely effective, though, as a few minutes spent wiping dampness off walls, tiles, door, windows and mirrors will not only give you a mini workout but it is also a splendid start to a dryer bath space.

Tina Turner may have been quite excited about her steamy windows but I don't think she was thinking long term!


Dehumidifiers can be invaluable and work wonders when it comes to the War on water droplets. Sizes and prices range significantly so everyone can choose one that is suitable for them. Personally, I have a plastic contraption that sits on a shelf that seems to work fairly well. It uses a chemical block to attract and absorb the moisture whilst channeling it into a see-through well, whereby (together with the dye from the block) the trapped water takes on the glistening appearance of an azure tropical ocean. It really is quite beautiful!

Put The Heating On

Warming the room to a constant 15 degrees celsius is a more sedentary and laid back approach to the fight on water vapour. In fact, the constant temperature throughout the day will have a far more beneficial effect than banging the heating on full blast whenever you are at home!

Here comes the science bit Cold air encourages the warm air to release its moisture, but if the air is all the same temperature then this simply cannot happen. The addition of a beautiful new towel warmer can also improve the situation.

Kitty Litter In A Sock

Yes, I really did just say that!

Some people already use this idea in their cars and so if a good quality cat litter really is one of the most absorbent materials that are easily available then why not give it a try?

Find an old pair of socks (no holes obviously). Fill one sock with the cat litter and then tie a knot at the top. Take the other sock and double bag the first inside it and once again tie a knot

You can use socks with different patterns and colours to compliment the décor of your bathroom, and perhaps, to add a little amusement you could draw a little face onto your new bathroom snake and place him on the floor slightly protruding from behind the toilet.

He can be dried out occasionally atop a warm radiator.

A Few More Tips For Preventing Condensation

Drying Washing

Dry your washing outside whenever possible to prevent adding to the water retention of your house, and also remember that even one sleeping person can add half a pint of water to the air overnight and there is nothing that you can do about it not legally anyhow!

Keep Your Home Well Ventilated

Open windows but close the bathroom door or you will be just spreading the problem to the rest of your house. Ideally, the water vapour needs to get outside to make clouds. Of course if you have extractor fans in your home, this is ideal to prevent condensation build up.

Mould also dislikes light, so during the day keep windows as free from blinds and curtains as is possible without attracting the 'wrong' sort of attention and let the Sun flood in.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree essential oil is an amazing ally in an antimicrobial battle and so by adding a few drops to a hot bath you can allow the steam to diffuse it around the room, settling onto walls etc. where not only will it help ease congestion, it can also help to inhibit the growth of the black stuff.

Well, I hope I have given you a snippet of helpful advice here today, even if it is only to remind you that the clothes on a model amongst the pages of a catalogue will almost always look better on them.

Condensation Facts

Before you leave, here are a few cool facts about condensation that will no doubt have you winning that pub quiz down your local.

  • 20 Pints - This is the amount of water a family of five puts into the atmosphere every single day.
  • 4 Litres - This is the amount of moisture that is produced in one load of washing in a tumble dryer.
  • 70% - Condensation causes around 70% of all damp problems in the UK
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