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Shower Riser Kits

One of the best things about buying modern showers is that you often have complete flexibility over the outward appearance in your bathroom as you can combine many different shower valves with separate rise kits to get the look you want. It also means that giving your bathroom a makeover doesn't mean replacing the whole shower unit if you don't want to. Whether your style is ultra-modern and you're looking for a shower head with lots of flow options from the head, or you're looking for a traditional rainfall shower head to tie in with a Victorian or traditional bathroom, we have plenty to choose from.

Easy to install and high quality, our range of shower riser kits is not just excellent value for money, it offers unrivalled choice too. We have a range of finishes ranging from the classic shiny chrome to gold which will fit in with traditional schemes. If you're in the market for a new shower riser kit then look no further, we've got one of the best ranges anywhere, internet or high street retailer.

Bristan Evo Adjustable Riser Rail 660mm - Chrome
£35.95 RRP: £50.21
SAVE 28%
Inta Enzo Shower Riser Kit with Slim Eco Air Handset, Chrome
£70.61 RRP: £91.25
SAVE 23%
Hudson Reed Traditional Shower Riser Kit, Fixed Shower Head, Chrome
£73.95 RRP: £188.00
SAVE 61%
Bristan Rigid Riser Rail for Top Outlet Shower Valves - Chrome
£76.95 RRP: £124.38
SAVE 38%
Sagittarius Churchman Traditional Shower Riser Kit
£82.52 RRP: £110.00
SAVE 25%
Deva Traditional Period Shower Riser Kit Chrome
£97.95 RRP: £176.30
SAVE 44%
Bristan Shower Kit 115 Chrome Plated

Bristan Shower Kit 115 Chrome Plated

  • Product StockIn Stock
  • Delivery Icon2 Days
£97.95 RRP: £176.00
SAVE 44%
Inta City Rinse Station For Use with Concealed, Chrome
£101.78 RRP: £141.85
SAVE 28%
Deva Traditional Period Shower Riser Kit Gold
£111.95 RRP: £203.02
SAVE 45%
Hudson Reed Luxury Shower Riser Kit, Large Fixed Shower Head, Chrome
£114.95 RRP: £203.00
SAVE 43%
Sagittarius Churchman Traditional Bath Shower Riser Kit
£118.81 RRP: £163.00
SAVE 27%
Ultra Traditional Rigid Riser Kit without Diverter
Deva Minimalist Shower Riser Kit and Single Function Handset Chrome
£137.95 RRP: £253.09
SAVE 45%
Hudson Reed Grand Shower Riser Kit with Diverter, Fixed Shower Head, Handset, Chrome
£138.95 RRP: £425.00
SAVE 67%
Bristan Traditional Rigid Riser Shower Kit with Fixed Shower Head - Gold
£158.94 RRP: £272.00
SAVE 42%
Sagittarius Traditional Shower Riser Kit, 120mm Shower Head, Gold
£166.75 RRP: £233.00
SAVE 28%
Cali Traditional Shower Riser Kit with Shower Head - Handshower and Diverter - Chrome
£171.95 RRP: £366.58
SAVE 53%
Ultra Breeze Exposed Shower Kit with Diverter, Pencil Handset and Fixed Head, Chrome
£177.95 RRP: £317.00
SAVE 44%
Sagittarius Ergo Shower Riser Kit 200mm Shower Head
£184.55 RRP: £259.00
SAVE 29%
Sagittarius Churchman Traditional Shower Riser Kit with Diverter
£278.36 RRP: £396.00
SAVE 30%
Inta City Thermostatic Concealed Shower Valve, Dual Outlet, Chrome
£324.46 RRP: £517.96
SAVE 37%
Impey Shower, Extra-Long Riser Rail, Hose and Head Pack, Chrome
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