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Aqualisa is a British brand that has been at the forefront of shower design for over forty years, since being founded in 1977. With an endless drive for innovation, their thermostatic shower valve revolutionised bathrooms and they have continued to develop this technology ever since. Offering a range of mixers, power and electric showers, it has long been Aqualisa's mission to remove the unreliability of showers and plumbing to present a perfect showering experience. Now in the new millennium, Aqualisa continues to innovate with their daring fusions of traditional plumbing and digital technology. Moving beyond simple reliability, Aqualisa's Smart units take showering and bathing to a new, effortless level of ease and comfort.

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Who are Aqualisa?

Since 1977, Aqualisa have distinguished themselves as leaders in bathroom innovation. Pioneers in thermostatic technology, they have continued to refine and improve their existing catalogue and were the first company to release a digital shower, a sign of their constant desire to present new ideas to their customers. Aqualisa pride themselves on providing the best showers for homeowners and installers alike. With a wide range of Smart, mixer, power and electric showers, Aqualisa know that no two bathrooms are the same and they are committed to supplying an ideal solution for homes of any size and style. Ensuring they have something to offer every customer, their catalogue includes diverse designs and products for a wide range of budgets. They are also highly committed to the environment; some of their Smart showers feature a proximity sensor that automatically reduces water flow when you step away from the unit, minimising unnecessary water expenditure and saving you money in the process. Aqualisa's dedication to producing the best showers on the market make them a great choice for any customer.


When Aqualisa was founded in 1977, British showers and plumbing were notoriously unreliable and the company made it their mission to modernise the bathroom with a range of products that would be innovative, dependable and intuitive. They accomplished this first with their bi-metallic thermostatic technology, which reacts instantaneously to temperature and water pressure changes to maintain ideal shower warmth. More recently, they brought showering into the twenty-first century by producing the first digitally controlled Smart showers, which have placed a new level of precision and control in the hands of their customers. Aqualisa's collection includes both exposed and concealed showers, with no loss of performance whether you want the flexibility of a shower hose or the study, classic feel of a fixed head. Many of their shower units are available in a variety of finishes to fit your bathroom aesthetic, whether you like the classic white look, modern chrome or a mixture of the two. When choosing a shower, Aqualisa's name is a guarantee that you're buying a unit of the highest quality.

Remote Controls and Shower Valves

There is an amazing amount of variety in Aqualisa's collection of shower valves, ranging from the traditional to the state of the art. Some of the most impressive of these are their new digital remote controls, of which there are wireless and wired varieties. These function in conjunction with Aqualisa's digital showers and bath fillers, allowing you to start and stop the water from anywhere in the room. This can be especially useful for people with mobility difficulties, who can now activate their shower from their chosen convenient location. In terms of actual valves, there is a design to suit every bathroom: the futuristic chrome bar of the "Aquarian" or the sleek simplicity of the "Aquavalve", which is available in a number of finishes. For a truly vintage European look, the appropriately named "Aquatique" range has a gleaming chrome finish and is the perfect addition to a traditionally tiled shower area. Aqualisa's valves are a perfect mix of style and function.

Bath Fillers

Filling a bath has never been as simple or accurate as it becomes with one of Aqualisa's revolutionary fillers, which utilise the latest in thermostatic and digital technology to bring you a bathing experience unlike any other. The "Quartz" digital bath fillers are controlled with a couple of touches of a button, allowing you to select the precise temperature of your water flow and your desired water level. Designed to take the place of a traditional overflow, "Quartz" fillers are a complete replacement for traditional taps and give your bath a beautiful minimalistic appearance by serving as your hot and cold water source. These fillers include an automatic shut-off if your hot or cold water supply is interrupted, to ensure your bath is a consistent temperature throughout and won't be adversely affected by intermittent boiler issues. An Aqualisa bath filler is a luxurious addition to any bathroom and a five year guarantee means that it can be a part of your home for many years to come.

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