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Bathroom Lighting

Lighting is an important feature of any bathroom, but often is left as an afterthought when you are designing a new room. If you have minimal natural light coming in, you'll have to consider the lighting carefully to makes sure you have enough light for shaving or applying make-up. Remember that a well-lit bathroom looks brighter and bigger too. Our range contains everything you need to create an individual lighting scheme for your bathroom, utility room or shower room. We stock recessed lights for the ceiling, wall lights and cabinet lights, all of which conform to the particular safety standards which apply to bathroom lighting.

We're sure you'll agree that all of our lighting range offers outstanding value for money, and as most of the lights use modern energy-saving or LED bulbs, running your new lights won't cost the earth either. Easy to install, and one of the quickest ways to completely transform your bathroom, our lighting range is one of the most comprehensive around.

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Hudson Reed Orca Surface/Recessed Cabinet Light - Cool White
SAVE 53%
£21.95 RRP £47.00
Hudson Reed Orca Surface/Recessed Cabinet Light - Warm White
SAVE 53%
£21.95 RRP £47.00
Hudson Reed Hydra COB LED Over Mirror Light - Cool White
SAVE 43%
£34.95 RRP £61.00
Hudson Reed Cascade Acrylic LED Over Mirror Light - Warm White
SAVE 50%
£41.95 RRP £84.00
Hudson Reed Cascade Acrylic LED Over Mirror Light - Cool White
SAVE 50%
£41.95 RRP £84.00
Hudson Reed Neptune COB LED Over Mirror Light - Cool White
SAVE 45%
£57.95 RRP £106.00
In Stock
3 Days
Verona Vivid 3 Light Spotlight 180mm High - Polished Chrome
SAVE 12%
£65.95 RRP £75.00
Verona Hollywood 5 Light Wall Bar 680mm Wide - Chrome
SAVE 13%
£73.95 RRP £85.00
Verona Motion Sensor with Adjustable Timer and Lux Level
SAVE 15%
£97.95 RRP £115.00
Verona Vivid 4 Light Spotlight Bar 600mm Wide - Polished Chrome
SAVE 16%
£104.95 RRP £125.00
Verona Boutique 5 Light Bathroom Chandelier 495mm Wide - Chrome
SAVE 18%
£143.95 RRP £175.00

The subject of Bathroom lighting covers such a wide spectrum of types and styles! Ideally, your bathroom lighting needs not only to be functional, but also to provide a relaxing and comfortable environment in which to unwind and let go of the day's stresses and strains, therefore choosing lighting which reflects both is important for the overall performance of your bathroom. Creating an ambience of tranquillity and calm can be cleverly achieved by choosing carefully from the many different types and styles of bathroom lighting available. Whether you are looking for a ceiling bathroom light, bathroom wall lighting, or bathroom flush lighting, the inspiring range at Heatandplumb will bring enlightenment to your bathroom! The choices of ceiling lights include the subtle opal spherical design of the Astral Luminaire which will add a soft luminescent touch to your bathroom and for those of you feeling flush, the options for bathroom flush lighting offer crystal-effect, globe and round.

Bathroom lighting becomes crystal clear when you fit a crystal-effect flush light which will reflect perfectly the style of your bathroom, whilst those looking for the something a little more understated but equally striking will approve the rounded contours of the white, chrome or brass bathroom flush lights. Bathroom wall lights can be a useful addition in the bathroom, affording an opportunity to light up areas in need of extra reflection, or as an alternative to having an overhead bathroom light on, such as when you are soaking in the bath tub rather than applying make-up or shaving. Bathroom wall lighting can bring a focus to your bathroom in a range of styles to suit all tastes, with both traditional and contemporary designs. For the traditional-styled bathroom, the ornate sculpting of wall bracket lighting in white, chrome or even gold, will bring a touch of class, whilst a contemporary focus can be found in the range of glass wall bracket lights in an inspiring array of designs.

For a touch of frost, the glass shelf light will serve the dual purpose of both lighting your way and proving a display or storage surface. When it's time to turn the lights down low, fitting a dimming switch will ensure the desired level of light is given and this optional extra is compatible with many of the styles of bathroom light on offer. As well as bath lights, shower lights bring illumination when you need it! In either round or square options with chrome surround, these simple fixtures are a sure way to bring light relief to your morning ablutions! With a range of prices to suit every bathroom lighting budget and a manufacturers' guarantee of quality, light up your bathroom and bring a glow to your soul!

BTU Calculator

Below is a tool that can enable you to calculate the BTU requirements needed for your room.

There are many factors that affect this calculation including the outdoor temperature, thickness of exterior walls and the quality of insulation installed. You should also ensure you have a boiler that is capable of generating necessary output for all of the radiators in your property.

Our BTU calculator should be used as a guide only, the actual BTU requirements may be slightly different to what our calculator will produce. If you need further help, please contact us.

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