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Bayswater Radiators and Towel Rails

Bayswater radiators and towel rails offer something just a bit different for the modern family home. The Nelson radiators are traditional in style, with the chunky lines which are often associated with Victorian design. If space is limited, then check out the vertical Nelson radiators, which take up half the wall width but emit the same amount of heat. Bayswater also proves that radiators don't have to be white, and the black finish option would make a real statement in any home.

When it comes to towel rails, the Bayswater range is equally comprehensive. Choose from several, high quality Bayswater designs, some of which combine the traditional radiator with a towel rail surround. Bayswater produces high quality products which will form an integral part of any bathroom design rather than being added on as an afterthought. We're delighted to bring you this superb range at amazing value for money prices.

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