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Burlington Bath Ranges

The Burlington collection of bathtubs cover all the bases for different budgets and bathroom designs thanks to a range of exciting models, most of which are available with panels/surrounds that correspond to the colours of their bathroom furniture. We've split these baths up into various categories based on their configuration, making it easier for you to differentiat between the styles on offer.

The standard collection of rectangular baths are ideal for installation in a corner (with 2 panels), in a recess (with just the front panel), in a peninsular configuration (with 3 panels), or completely standalone in an island configuration (4 panels surrounding the entire bath). Burlington's London baths are a step up in design, complete with surrounds and an overflow - these are an all-in-one solution that bridges the gap between an inset bath and a freestanding one. Lastly, Burlington's freestanding collection of baths really allow you to be unique and add your own imprint onto your bathroom. This large range of varying shapes and styles allow you to give your bathroom a final touch of personalisation and class. What's more, some of these baths are even made from natural stone - perfect if you've also picked a basin/vanity unit in this material!

Whatever style of tub suits your bathroom, rest assured that all models have been created using the highest quality techniques and manufacturing processes - these baths have been built to last. Don't forget, a bath is pretty useless without some way of filling it up for an indulgent soak, and so Burlington's complete range of taps and mixers are available to complement your purchase. If you're ever unsure of the compatibility of your bath with your current setup, feel free to get in contact and we'll help you achieve your dream bathing experience!

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