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Burlington Bathroom Taps

Burlington's exquisite range of bathroom taps come in a number of different styles - but most of them (excluding the Chelsea and Stafford ranges) include the same tap body, leaving the tap handles to define the look of the product. Whatever style suits your tastes, you can be assured that your new tap(s) come with innovative technologies that other traditional brands do not incorporate. These Burlington taps come with a flow straightener (for low pressure water systems) and an aerator (for high pressure systems) - ensuring that your water is delivered at a maximum of 13 litres per minute for a basin mixer, regardless of your system. Not only does this prevent water splashing, but it also adds up to an excellent water saving in the long term - not to be underestimated in these times where being sustainable and environmentally-friendly is high on the agenda of many homeowners. If you're looking for slightly more quirky features, then the bridge basin mixer within these collections can have the spout inverted to act as a water fountain (or for moving out of the way in the event of a shower).

If you're aiming to go fully traditional, you may wish to purchase taps with a traditional screw-down valve, meaning your tap heads need to be turned fully to operate the flow. With the Burlington range, you have a choice between standard tap valves like this, or more modern quarter turn valves - there really is something for every home and every environment. Nearly all the collections below also feature two types of mounting - standard and regent. The regent tap is mounted slightly higher, on a shapely base. This is a great solution if you're buying a larger basin or a freestanding bath and crave a bit more room to operate your taps. From a performance point of view, there is no difference between the two - it is simply a matter of taste. All brassware in these collections has undergone rigorous testing and Burlington are happy to offer an extensive 10 year guarantee on these products; assuring peace of mind for years after your purchase.

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