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Burlington Complete Bathroom Suites

Our Burlington range is all about traditional bathroom style - think freestanding slipper baths, beautiful taps and shower attachments, traditional pedestal sinks and the very best in Victorian or Edwardian bathroom style. If your personal style is more Downton Abbey than loft living, then this is the range for you. It's also the ideal choice for older properties, where modern bathroom designs just aren't appropriate. The Burlington range is made to last, and comes with a long manufacturer guarantee as to its quality.

The items in each of the Burlington furniture packs are easy to install, and can be configured in a range of different ways to suit your individual requirements. Just think how easy it would be to totally transform the way your bathroom looks with one of these stunning new bathroom furniture packs, all of which also represent excellent value for money. Don't put off getting a new bathroom suite any longer; we don't think the Burlington range can be beaten.

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