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Cast Iron Baths

Could there be anything more luxurious than a freestanding cast iron bath? Make a real statement in any bathroom with one of our range of slipper baths, traditionally styled roll top baths and double ended baths for extra comfort while luxuriating in the bubbles. Whatever your personal style and interior design preferences, you'll find the perfect cast iron bath for your home.

Cast iron baths are exceptionally durable and strong, and the enamel covering keeps your water warmer than other finishes. Cast iron baths don't have to be just white either, as our range of stunning colours proves. Choose your perfect taps and waste to complete the look, and totally transform your home. A cast iron bath is a classic British design which will stand the test of time and will look great in your home for years to come.

Roca Martina Single Ended Cast Iron Anti-slip Bath 1700mm x 700mm - 2 Tap Hole
£501.22 RRP: £666.13
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Jig Cartmel Cast Iron Roll Top Slipper Bath including White Feet - 2 Tap Hole
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