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Since 1966, Faral have been the leading name in Italian radiators. With extensive experience in their field and absolute dedication to being environmentally aware in their production, Faral were the first company to patent aluminium radiator designs. They continue to be at the forefront of their field and, following significant investment in recent years, their latest range of aluminium radiators is their best yet. Featuring a white finish for a clean, sleek look, Faral's Italian design is evident in the blend of straight lines and gentle curves that make their collection so unique. Slim dimensions make this collection a great fit for any space and the vertical range fits into even tighter areas. With all the environmental benefits of aluminium radiators and the protection of a fifteen year guarantee, you can't choose better than Faral.

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Who are Faral?
Faral was founded in Italy in 1966 after patenting its design for die-cast aluminium radiators and the company has been at the forefront of aluminium manufacturing ever since. Even with the increasingly widespread use of the material in heater construction, Faral's experience is unmatched and their mastery of aluminium remains the pinnacle of radiator design. They are one of the most environmentally conscious brands in home design and ensure that every one of their products is both recyclable and economical, avoiding any unnecessarily wasted energy. Every item in Faral's catalogue is designed and constructed in Italy and their unique range will introduce a touch of continental style to any room. The company stresses the equal importance of aesthetics and performance, believing that both aspects of production should be treated with the utmost care and devotion in order to offer items that are of the absolute highest quality. With a long history and significant investment in 2011, Faral look set to remain at the forefront of radiator production for many more decades to come as they continue to lead an increasingly competitive market.

Faral Radiators
Thanks to Faral's commitment to 'total quality', their range of die-cast aluminium radiators remains the best on the market, over fifty years since they first patented their first designs. These radiators feature deceptively minimalistic aesthetics that include straight lines and gentle curves and are constructed with unmatched skill thanks to their decades of experience in working with the material. The company applies their key values of economical, ecological and hygienic to all of their products and this is especially evident in the low energy consumption and environmental awareness of their radiators. Faral's method of pressure casting minimises variation during production and results in radiators that are essentially identical and boast beautifully smooth surfaces. Despite being based in mainland Europe, Faral take great care to ensure that their radiators can be fitted in easily in every country they export to and you can rest assured that they will fit beautifully in your home. In addition, all of their radiators include a fifteen-year guarantee, making sure your investment in a Faral product is one that will last well into the future.

Why Aluminium?
Radiator manufacturers are increasingly subscribing to the opinion that aluminium is the best material to use in creating their products. Faral were ahead of the curve in this and have been producing aluminium radiators since 1966. So why is aluminium superior to other, traditional metals? The decrease in operating temperature of heating systems has been a major factor, as the exceptional heat conducting qualities of aluminium makes it ideal for a lower energy input. Its light weight and ease of casting mean it can be shaped in a wider variety of designs while still conducting heat to its full potential. This is a major reason for Faral's stylish designs, which would be impossible with iron or steel. Aluminium radiators need a smaller volume of water to function, which makes its response to thermostat temperature changes far more rapid and greatly reduces heating costs. The low energy demands of Faral's radiators mean they can achieve peak performance without needing to change your hot water source. In addition, aluminium is recyclable and Faral wish to ensure that, many years in the future, their radiator materials can be reused.

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