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Firebird Oil Boiler Flues and Accessories

When installing a boiler, it's essential to ensure that it is properly positioned, connected and vented. To help you achieve this, Firebird offer a collection of flues designed specifically to work with their own boilers, so you can be sure that your unit will connect seamlessly and vent safely. This set also includes telescopic extensions, increasing your options when placing your boiler. You can choose from a number of different materials, whether you prefer the flexibility of plastic or the strength and endurance of stainless steel. These flue kits are fully customisable, with a variety of different shapes and sizes to make them fit perfectly in any space. Plume dispersal kits are also available to make your venting as safe as possible and protect your home from condensation. All Firebird flues and accessories feature generous guarantees to help you enjoy the comfort of your boiler for years to come.

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