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Heatrae Sadia

Heatrae Sadia is one of the UK's leading manufacturers of electric heating and hot water systems, and we're delighted to offer both indirect and direct cylinders by the brand. Almost all you need to know about Heatrae Sadia is summed up by the company's tagline – Smarter Cleaner Warmer. The company is constantly innovating to make products which work more efficiently and make our daily lives easier. They're also looking to improve energy efficiency to make your heating and hot water more environmentally sound, and all this helps keep our homes warmer.

Whether you're looking for a new hot water cylinder for your home or a commercial setting, the vast range of options in the Heatrae Sadia range guarantees you can choose just the right one to suit your needs. Megaflo is one of the most famous brands produced by Heatrae and is the byword for quality in the unvented hot water cylinder market. Efficient, reliable and guaranteed to provide you with a perfect supply of hot water – it's not difficult to see why Heatrae Sadia is such a popular choice.

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